Web Security Assessment

Network Security Audit

Network Security Audit is a systematic evaluation of a company’s network breaches and measuring security level of their network.

Network Security Auditing, Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment are three steps of security diagnostics.

IT Experts of HCS checks enterprise network for all potential methods that an intruder might use to attack. It is done in both ways internally and externally. To ensure that your employee follows security policies, we do social engineering for best practice, which involves variety of techniques to gain access in your network from your employees.

Based on our Network Security Audit, we compile a report detailing about vulnerabilities we discovered, how it was discovered and steps requires mitigating your Network Security Risk like device configuration (firewall, router, server) and patching solution for that vulnerabilities.


Secure Coding

Secure Coding is the Practice of developing Web-Sites, Computer Applications and Mobile Applications in such a manner that Reduces number of vulnerabilites and security breaches.

Bugs, Defects and Logic flaws are most common software exploited vulnerabilites.

Building secure software requires a basic understanding of security principles. The goal of software security is to maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability of information resources.

This is done by preventing coding errors or discovering and eliminating security flaws during implementation and testing.

Experts at HCS identifies thousands of reported vulnerabilities found in insecure coding. Our experts would not allow hackers to exploit such vulnerabilities like buffer overflow or Input Validation attack by developing web-application with secure coding. Not only that it also prevents your website from being copied using such tools like HTTrack.


Web-Application Penetration Testing

HCS examines your web-applications and web-sites for security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that is an opportunity for hackers to damage your data or steal your confidential data.

As Penetration Testing, ultimate goal of a Web-Application Penetration Testing is to penetrate into your Web-Applications before Hackers get penetrated. and after penetrating our Experts provides full report on vulnerabilities and weaknesses found in website and application.

Our Security experts test your Web-Applications with all known vulnerabilities like XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL injection, authentication, encryption, buffer overflow and many others. After auditing and analyzing vulnerabilities, we provide detailed instructions to patch or eliminate every risk.

Web Security Assessment:

Plan: 1 Year Subscription

Reporting: Every 3 Months

Total No. of Deliverables: 4 Reports

Service Information: This will include Website Security Assessment Manually and let the client know about the status of site security by matching up Site Visitor report / Activity / Integrity checks

*server vulnerability will be hidden portion in order to inform clients about site security…can be considered in exclusion list in Shared Environment.

Security Awareness Training:

Target Audience: Organizations/Industries/IT companies which consists of Number of IT Assets

Delivery: 2 Hours


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