Akash Gajjar

Company Founder

The visionaries of Age Technolab Mr. Akash Gajjar have taken a step and build this huge IT organization with their strong efforts and creative mind.

  • A frenzied by nature, Akash loves to research and learn things by his own.
  • He have faith in in the power of his dreams and persuades others to do the same.
  • He works with a forethought to represent the world with something inventive, the world has by no means seen earlier.
  • He is keenly interested in his work and engaged himself in every activities done for his employees as well his individuals.

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Age Technolab Alliance Partners

Age Technolab works closely with a number of cloud, mobile, security, Big Data and data center technology partners to bring joint solutions to market, ensure our solutions integrate seamlessly together, and provide our customers more value.